John Powers

Age 25
Weight 170
Height 6 foot
Hazel eyes
Brown hair
Cock 8" cut and pierced
Balls Big Low Hangers

John was raised a Mid Western Boy and spends as much time outside enjoying the nature around him. He's very much a joy to be around because he cares to make you feel that your important to him. He loves coffee and you just might find him making you a cup sometime at your favorite coffee shop. Don't be afraid to strike up a good conversation cus he loves to talk!

He's always thinking about sex 24/7 whether it's jacking off or trying to get that next date! When asked why he got pierced he said, "Why not I have a big cock and it needed a little something to make it more special. After getting home from the piercing shop I got so horny I had to bust out a load and then I went over to one of my fuck buddies and I fucked her so good I came like crazy!"

When younger, he was a bit on the heavy side and that's when he started working out and building that body we see today. Because of that transformation he loves getting the attention and praise of his hard work, hence he loves to show it off for the world to see! He even surprises himself at times by how much he cums! He's always come from the gym right after a good work out so he's looking his best and his cock and balls are ready. He always crazy horny and that always makes for a good cum load!

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