Jack Holden

Age: 27
HT: 5'8"
WT: 130
Eyes: Hazel
Foot: 11
Waist: 28
Ethnicity: Native American/white mix
Cock: 8.5" thick cut
Balls: Big Low hangers

Born in the back woods of Virginia with a traveling soul in his heart! A true traveling man, never happy staying in one place too long. When it comes to being sexual, this guy likes it all. A woman, a man and any thing in between, but nothing compares to a big hard cock. Toys are really not his thing but will do when no dick is around. His real passion when getting fucked is being a good bottom and wants his top pleased. Jack loves his balls sucked, tugged and played with, but when he's a top them balls better be bouncing off the ass he's fucking. Jack is a horny boy who loves to cum at least 3 times a day. When asked where he loves to get fucked, of course a hippy will always love to be in nature deep in the woods.

He loves cooking and is trained by an award winning chief and can cook up a mean dish of food. When cooking he puts lots of love a passion in his food for the people he's cooking for. He may not be a book learner but that doesn't mean that he doesn't know anything about life, he can talk and explain things in words you may have never heard before. This makes him a very interesting person, one that you want to get to know more of. Exploring this country and meeting lots of new and interesting people is what makes this sexy stud keep movin' on and cumin back for more. Until we see him again. And I'm sure we will see more. A true hippy equals free love for all.

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Holden's Hole Gets Toyed

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