Jake Karhoff

Age: 28
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 174 pounds
Blue eyes
Light brown/blond hair
Naturally hairy in all the right places
7.5" cut cock
Big set of balls that swing nicely

Jake is a total idea of what we call a man! He loves sports and only the bad ass ones like Football, Hockey and Soccer, the sports that men have contact with one another. When not watching Sports or betting on the games, he loves the outdoors and soaking up the sun. You will find him hiking, biking, playing sports, camping, fishing, hunting and if you know where to look he just might be jacking off too! He, like most guys, loves the idea of being watched or getting caught when the cock and balls are out to play! He was raised in the mid west and knows what hard work is, but he also know's how to play hard too!

Jake isn't new to the porn industry but we all know life changes and girls cum and go! So the girl is gone and now it's time to play again and make some money enjoying the male energy once again, and he has the balls to make a splash on Swinginballs.

Jake loves his balls enjoyed and has learned that guys can appreciate a nice pair of man balls much better than the females do. He loves them sucked on, tugged on, kissed, licked and squeezed just enough to cause pleasure, not pain. He plays and shows his balls off very nicely for all of us ball lovers.

Glad he's making a cum back and that we were the first to film him in several years! Lets see him slap his balls on some ass now... who will be the first?

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