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Jizzy McBone aka Rod Evans

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Height:  5 foot 6 inches
Weight:  145lb
Size:  7 inches
Age:  25
An affable flirt, wavy-haired Rod Evans comes to Spunk U with an ever-ready cock and a sexy hairy ass. His lean, defined abs ripple nicely when he jerks off, and his smile is always spiced with a bit of mischief.

Rod has a 2yo son with a previous girlfriend and still trying to figure out what he wants to do in life. Growing up with a gay brother, Rod is gay-friendly and a bit curious. Though he identifies as straight, he really enjoys the attention he gets from other guys and loves turning us on.

Rod spends his free time training in the boxing ring, and enjoys sparring and sports almost as much as sparring in the bedroom.

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