Zack Scrambles His Huevos

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Dark, smoldering Zack Randall is in a languid mood this morning. He wants to get off, but hes in a laid-back, languid mood. No feverish stroking for him; today he wants to be playful, get well acquainted with his perfectly formed uncut cock and his long, low danglers. He teases them out of his tight red Aussiebum nut smugglers, and jiggles them tenderly. This sexy star is friends with his testicles. Breakfast may be coming up, but for now hes scrambling his eggs with a boys own recipe. The gentle swinging and tugging wakes up his thick cock in its smooth turtleneck of foreskin, and he slowly begins stroking it slowly, working the skin easily forward from root to sensitive tip. Soon pleasure and need take over, and he has to peel off the shorts to feel the cool air brushing against his rosy skin. Leaning back against the smooth satin sheet, he picks up the pace and soon beats a steady rhythm between hand and cock. He cups his balls and gives them a little squeeze, not painful but just firm enough to pull them tighter up in their sack of smooth but slightly veiny skin. Brushing his other hand across the downy pubes that frame his cock and balls, his load begins to boil up from the depths of his scrotum, ready to work its way up to the head of his sculpted cock. His muscles involuntarily tighten, he lurches his head back and he propels a creamy shot that runs down to his pubes and warm, musky treasure trail.