Josh's Long, Loose, Low Hangers

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Perfect straight frat dude doesn't mind a well-placed hand on his nice low ballsack. Hell, a guy knows what feels the best better than any babe.

So when he peels off his khaki shorts on a warm night to expose his nice, thick slightly curved cock and accompanying heavy nuts, he's only too happy to catch his bro's attention and helping hand. Soon the buddy is kneading the thick, sperm-packed huevos from behind, reveling in their heavy solid feel, and reaching around to give Josh's dick a solid, brotherly beat off. Josh's cock rises to rapt attention, responding to every smooth stroke and manly squeeze. It just feels so good, and soon waves of pleasure are rising from his crotch through his whole body.

Trying to stay casual, he fiddles with his cellphone. But the hot, fucking amazing sensation of having his cock and balls worked over by a guy who knows what he's doing gets the better of him and all of a sudden he's CUMMING, in big creamy drops that coat his buddy's insistent fist. Josh steps away into the shower to practice a few moves he learned while pretending to pay no attention. A cock expert definitely comes in HANDY, even for a straight-ish dude like Josh.


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