Red Hot Corey Gunz Hangs with his Danglers

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Corey is a red hot redneck hipster with a tight, muscled body, a thick, sensitive cock and a perfect pair of low-hanging nuts. He peels off his stocking cap, tight black t and hiphugging jeans to reach down his snug undies and grab a handful of goodies.

Scrotum just loose enough to beg for some playful tug and tease action, Corey turns his back to the camera to open his butt crack and show off his tight hot hole and give each ball a nice squeeze. So hot the way his nuts sway and jiggle with each stroke, as his cock shows how much that testicle play turns him on. He makes sure each back and forth rub of his hand on his swollen dick includes a loving caress of his hot hard jewels.

Serious jacking action gets intense and picks up speed, as he brushes his scrotum and juice-packed sperm tanks. The hot sensations boil up from his balls through the thick pink head of his dick and he can't hold back. His eyes take on a dreamy faraway look as the cum rockets out of his cock and splashes his lightly hairy treasure trail. Corey smiles and comes back to earth a happy, nuts-drained stud.