Woody Johnson

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With a name that sets a high expectation, Woody Johnson describes himself as bisexual and a sadistic dominant (with a winning smile and big puppy eyes that belie that self-description). He takes a bit of stimulation and porn to get going, but rises to a nice stiff woody above a heavy pair of egg-shaped nuts. His crotch and taint are covered with a bit of soft chestnut furry hair.

With every stroke as Woody focuses and jerks, his tight balls rise and pull up. He adds a little lube and makes sure to rub some on his scrotum, making it smoother and more responsive when he brushes across his ballsack. As intensity and excitement grow, he tenses and throbs his legs. The skin on his balls tightens up and his nuts release the sperm cannon, shooting a thick wad down his fist and shaft all the way to the stubbly root of his satisfied cock.