John Powers Gets Touchy-Feely

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John is in a sensuous mood and wants to touch, feel and rub up against everything. As he lies down he brushes his hand against the soft black sheet and chenille pillows, hiking one under his hips. Rubbing his taint and ballsack, he lazily strokes his beautiful pierced cock; he's in no mood to rush through this. As he feels the hot sensations spreading up from his crotch his dick swells and rises, and adding a squirt of lube makes it smoother and more sensitive.

John strokes a fleshlight so the lips are sucking and massaging every inch of his big cock. He gives his nuts a gentle squeeze. He drops to hands and knees to fuck the fleshlight, feels it "deep throating" and swallowing his thick meat. His hands need to wrap around his cock and stroke, and his biceps and abs tense with sexual urgency. Now it's not a soft, lazy jerkoff but something hard and focused. He pumps from tip to root, and groans with deep satisfaction as creamy manjuice explodes to lather his shaft and balls.