William Steel Jerks a Squeaky Clean Load

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William's a tall drink of water, and he's making us all thirsty. High cheekbones, a lean muscled physique and a substantial cock. He jerks it a little in the shower, and his heavy nuts jiggle and bounce with every stroke. Rub-a-dub as he soaps up and gets squeaky clean, with extra attention to his smooth ass.

He towels off and steps out of the shower, as the camera shoots up so we can watch his scrotum bob up as he jerks. The camera angle emphasizes his statuesque build and smooth skin. After we get enough of seeing his hot ass crack and beautiful testicles (hah, not really) he perches his butt on the edge of the tub and works up his load. His chiseled abs tense up, his balls pull tight and into firing position, and he stands to spray a load across the bathroom rug!