Andrew James and His Trusty Phone

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Andrew is a handsome hipster with a trim beard and big bouncy hair. Relaxing in bed and checking his phone, he could be any modern guy. Catching a glimpse of something he likes, he strips down to bare skin and starts to stroke. A little saliva makes the glide easier.

When we get a chance to see it all close-up, we can't help noticing a pair of satiny balls, hanging low and loose. His lean body responds to every stroke of hand on dick, and what he's looking at must be good, because now he's getting really hard. His forearms and biceps tense up with the first rumblings of a climax coming on, then he pants a little and a hearty groan means it's ready to blow. Cum coats his fingers and pubes, and he still has 80% left on his phone battery! Welcome to the world of modern masturbation.