Cody Sprays Plugs Brandon Arch

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Cody and Brandon are a bit standoffish and distant at first, but things heat up once the clothes come off. Shaggy young gun Cody must be packing by the happy look on Brandon's face when he gets a handful. Sure enough, that thick cock is good enough to eat, and Brandon is quick to go in for a helping. For his part, Cody is not grabbing Brandon's dick but more interested in giving his nuts a rub, and stroking his fingers along his buddy's hungry asshole.

Cody buzzes Brandon's ass with the purple vibrator, and Brandon's hips begin rocking with excitement. He's aching to get fucked, and hard! He sucks Cody one more time, then watches as a condom gets rolled on and ready for takeoff. Brandon opens wide as his ass gets pumped full of young hard cock. He gets down on all fours and lines his hole up for a perfect straight thrust. He backs onto Cody's hard-pumping piece, and moans as his crack gets sprayed with Sprays' special formula sperm. Then a little more tingle from the vibrator sends him over the edge to splatter the velvet bedspread with his own hot smoothie.