Zack Randall Shows His Special Talent

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Zack is a scorching hot, slutty little stud with a hot butt, great lowhangers and a GREAT stretch that allows him to suck his own dick. Casual in a black shirt, designer undies and nerdy black glasses, he lets his nutsack dangle while he plays peekaboo with his big meat. He leans forward and wraps his lips around the tip as though it were the easiest thing in the world, then opens up a fleshlight whose pair of lips compete with his to take in that stiff cock. He gives up easily and lets his toy take over the effort. He fucks that plastic mouth and only stops to lube up.

Finally Zack turns to old reliable and jerks off between fingers and thumb while he squeezes down his nuts with the other hand. It's a false alarm when he bubbles up a big gob of precum, but a few more strokes and he's splashing sperm all over the couch. He licks up a few slurps off his fist and settles back to relax.