John Powers' Six-Day Load

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Affable stud John exchanges pleasantries with the cameraman, then dispenses with the niceties when he blows the viewers a kiss and hits the bed to strip down. His legs are fine and furry and his belly has a beautiful trail of curly hair from chest to bushy pubes. He rubs a languid hand across his long dick and firm nuts stopping just short of touching his ass. He massages circles around his heavy ballsack, then takes to all fours to give the first view of his muscular butt and hairy crack. He swings his pendulous lowhangers, squeezes them between powerful legs, gives another rub.

John's cock is firming up and he slathers on some lube to start jacking. He plays a little as his hand brushes his studded cockpiercing, then strokes with some intensity and focus. A purple vibrator buzzes on and he rubs along his cock and balls and pays a bit of attention to his puckered hole, plunging a finger in for the first time. He lies back, eyes half closed and jerks dreamily, in his own world.

Back to work though, and time to kneel upright and milk out the load that's been bubbling up in his huevos almost a week. John's dick is straight and rock hard, and he beats it just above the silky black sheets. Rubbing his abs and panting, he shoots a stream of cum across a foot or two of the sheet, looks down proudly. He smiles and breathes a long sigh of relaxation after that juicy six-day load.