John Powers Gets Tucker'D

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Devious Swinginballs impresario/puppeteer of models J.S.Wild has a plan for Oliver Tucker and fan favorite John Powers. John is a straight guy who enjoys showing off for the camera and inadvertently mentioned he wouldn't mind having a guy play with his balls. Oliver is a goodlooking blond twink who has no objections at all to fooling around with muscular hunk John.

It starts with an innocent massage, and already John's anxiety and resistance is melting away with the tension in his tight muscles. Oliver helps by getting naked along with him, and he's halfway hard before he even gets his shorts down. A big helping of warm oil running down his crack must feel good to straight boy John--he doesn't have any objection to his ass getting some attention from his gay buddy.

A thumb pressed against his hole, John gets the ball play he was looking forward to as Tucker kneads and weighs his heavy nutsack in warm appreciative hands. Oliver reaches in, gently strokes John's thickening woody, leans in to get a taste of those juicy balls, and can't take his eyes off that big cock and pouting hole. Tucker gets his mouth around John's thick cock, licking and sucking in between jacking strokes. Finally John relaxes and lets loose with a big blast of sperm that Oliver is quick to lick up. He may still be straight, but Mr. Powers is definitely open to more play on the wild side...