Oliver Tucker's Pinup Parade

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Oliver will forever be known around Swinginballs as the first guy to get off alongside superstar model and straight boy John Powers. Fresh from that achievement, he comes into the studio to pose for some cutie pinup style shots, pouts in his see-through shirt and black lace undies, then finally gets to work stroking his perfect uncut cock. Oliver's blonde waves and gleaming smile resemble a golden age movie star's, but he's not afraid to get down and dirty.

When he's done chatting with JS Wild, he peels off his tight jeans and shows off that famous bulge in the lace Andrew Christian briefs. He gives his nuts a friendly yank as he strokes, then rises to his knees to pull off the undies and lube up for some dildo play. Enjoying the soft buzz of the vibrating toy as he works it in balls deep, Oliver can't keep his hands off his own meat. His body tenses up in waves of pleasure as he holds his nutsack and jerks. He yanks his balls down and speeds up, heading for that big hot climax. As the big moment draws closer, he humps a purple satin pillow then splatters a juicy pattern across its silky length. Not one to dirty things up, Oliver scrapes up the sticky mess and pops it in his mouth.