Chris is Hot Chocolate for the Holidays

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Smoldering black stud Chris is a Vegas stripper stopping by to show off his tatted muscles and big meat for the Swinginballs camera. Armed with a palmload of lube he takes a look at something sexy on his mobile and starts stroking. His fuzzy curls of black pubic hair frame his strong thick woody as he caresses it with big meaty hands. Round muscled biceps ripple as his fist beats on his cock.

Lying back, Chris focuses on the hot sensations pulsing through from tight nuts to the shiny head of his cock. This position feels so great it's gonna be the one that takes him over the edge and sure enough, it isn't long before a rivulet of hot cream drools down the tasty chocolate rod. He stands and lets it drip down from his pubes to his low hangin nuts!