BTS Special Tony Thickdick Shaves His Nuts

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Thanksgiving Day Bonus!

It's not quite Jingle Balls season, but Tony Thickdick's in a festive mood. He wags his dick and balls to and fro like something special is on the way. And there is. He's going to give a little shaving show to prepare for a solo.

He steps to the sink, gets his jewels soaking wet then lathers it all up squeaky clean and covered with soapy froth. Wetting a razor, he begins the sexy work of shaving, pubes first. Holding his junk out tight in front of him to minimize any nicks, he strokes up across the pubes first, then shaves forward from taint to fuzzy nuts. Each mounded curve of his sack comes into sharp focus as it's smooth and skin-shiny with the hair carefully shaved away. He grabs both balls and starts from the sides to the center, lets us watch from up between his legs.

The finished product? In the mirror we see him smooth and fresh, feeling so hot and turned on that he can't take his hand off his hardening cock. Mr. Wild, he's ready for his closeup now...