Fuzzy Nuts Steve Strait Fondles His Goodies

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Scruffy bearded stud Steve Strait is a vision in blue jammie pants, lying on a blue blanket. Checking out a hot vid on his mobile, he reaches in and pulls out his thick package and plays a little, stands and jiggles his goodies. His thighs are thick, muscular and covered with straight downy brown hair. He marionettes his long, low sack, makes it bob and bounce for the watchful eye of the camera.

Back on the bed his dick is hard and he pumps his pelvis with each firm stroke. His nuts are tight and ready to bust. He tilts his head back, pulls his hips up and lets it spray, drizzling down the long shaft of his spurting cock. But in the crosscut of him bouncing and shaking his package, they are low and loose, dangling jewels in our faces. His ass is hairy and tight, and he looks down through his legs to imagine how much we love watching this.