Jeremy Cox Lets His Big Nuts Dangle

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Sexy Jeremy has a gorgeous hairy trail leading to his thick cock and heavy nuts. He opens the leg elastic of his undershorts and lets those big meaty balls pop out and dangle free. Stepping out of the underwear he does some naked calisthenics where we get to see his whole package slapping up to hit his firm belly and whipping down against hairy thighs.

On all fours Jeremy flops his nuts and prick forward and back between his legs while we get a tasty ass view. Back on his knees he starts beating off, showing a cannabis leaf tat across the back of his hand. Down on the bed we get a good look at Jeremy's handsome face and scruffy facial hair. He gets an assist from an overhead squirt of lube and starts stroking harder. As he gets close the cameraman kneads his nutsack, yanking those firm balls down. Jeremy's load rumbles up from his nuts and spurts down the length of his shaft, drenching his hot fuzzy pubes.