JS Wild Gets In On the Action With Jeremy Cox

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The tables are turned when hot model Jeremy Cox picks up the camera and cameraman JS Wild dons a blindfold to suck his hot package. Jeremy wags his weenie and lets his balls swing free when he yanks down his red briefs. JS gets a musky mouthful of ballsack then we're back to dangling showtime.

JS nuzzles the hot sexy package while Jeremy aims the camera down at his crotch and wanks his cock. He squats over JS' face and lets his nuts slide across the camera guy's hungry mouth. JS is in 7th heaven with his face buried in that hot crack and feeling those heavy balls weighing down on his face. The action cums to a "Head" when Jeremy jacks off to a juicy finish, spraying a load onto JS' tongue and chin. A cameraman never looked so happy! Breath smelling of manly cum and beard soaked through, JS sure has a great day at work!