Jimmy Longdong's Holiday Sack of Goodies

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Jimmy is decked out in full Santa regalia, then slowly unzips and strips till hes lounging seductively in a Santa cap. His scruffy little beard and tight badboy body make him a hot and slightly menacing Father Christmas. His pole is already hard and ready for some lucky boy to sit and tell Santa what he wants.

Jimmy's nuts are low and loose, dangling to cover his hard prick as he crouches ass up. Some lube makes him slicker than a holiday road. Biceps ripple as he squeezes his nuts and strokes out. He works on the head, then pumps the whole thick prod in his nimble hands.

Jimmy the jolly young elf starts milking his cock in earnest. Tight abs tense with each powerful stroke, and his breathing becomes deep and halting. His nuts tighten up into firing position then a geyser of molten cum shoots straight up and soaks his beating fists. He flexes his biceps and smiles at his tasty holiday sack of goodies.