Caesar's Balls Jingle, Jangle, Jingle

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Slender stud Caesar Cummings steps to the hot tub in a festive Santa cap, perches his ass on the rim and dangles his legs into the hot swirling jets. He shakes his cock and balls like a holiday bell then gets his dick nice and hard. A lightly hairy ass crack peeks out from between his tight buns. A rubber ducky floats by as he reaches for the lube and squirts a dollop onto his hard woody.

Caesar's nuts bob as each firm stroke tugs at his scrotum. Testicles heavy, they fill the sack so it's fully loaded. Sweating from the hot jacuzzi water, Caesar retires to the bedroom and its festive red duvet. His head jerks forward as a load cums welling up from those big cojones. With a jolt he spurts a thick creamy puddle across his bristly pubes and smooth tight belly. He wipes up the excess with Santa's cap.