Corey Gunz is Naughty and Nice

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Lean, studly Corey climbs onto Santa's lap in red and black scarf and briefs and a festive Santa Cap. He's been a very good boy, since Santa is quick to stuff his shorts with some US currency. Corey wants to return the favor, so he strips naked and rubs his dick and nuts just a few inches in front of Santa's face. The jolly old elf likes dick more than cookies and hot cocoa, so he can't help leaning forward for a mouthful.

Corey beams and giggles as Santa tugs at his testicles and gives his dick and balls a nice wintry tonguebath. Corey breathes deep as Santa's talented mouth gets him ever closer to blasting. Santa sits up and Corey teabags his long loose sack into Santa's adoring mouth, beating his dick all the while. It's time someone gave Santa a holiday gift, so Corey milks out a juicy load that drips down Santa's beard.

Santa licks off every bit of cum from Corey's long thick shaft, then lies back and takes the soaked, spermy bits of beard into his mouth to taste and savor. He even gets a nice photo of Corey to take along in his sleigh this cold winter's eve. Someone got just what they needed for Christmas, and was that Corey, Santa or BOTH?