Jimmy Longdong Jingles All the Way

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Sexy young stud Jimmy pulls down his holiday briefs and out pops his thick cock and heavy nuts. He shimmies out of the briefs but keeps the Santa cap on for festive glamour. It's a holiday treat to see him wacking away at his lubed up dick, glancing mischievously into the camera. He pulls up the smooth skin of his nutsack to give us a glimpse of his pretty ass, then cradles his balls in his left hand while he jacks with the right.

His speed increases and he watches his hard woody thicken and stiffen up. He lies back and revels in the sensuous feeling radiating up from his balls to the tip of his cock, and soon it's time to explode. He groans, tenses and milks a creamy wad out of his hard happy cock, holds out his greasy fingers and gives a thumbs up!