Mario, Master of Stroking

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Tough tatted stud Mario Xes is lean with a scruffy little goatee. After posing for a photo kneeling on the bed and letting his long dick hang out of the fly of his briefs, he lies down and starts to beat it. His cock has an intriguing shape, with a large head and a downward curve, and his smooth nuts cling tight to the base.

Mario tag teams his dick with both fists, gliding from tip to root one after the other. Then he pets the underside of his tool while cupping his balls with one hand. This is a guy who has developed a very specific technique that works for him. From the rock-hard state of his cock, it works VERY well.

Mario tries another individual and original technique where he strokes between the palm of one hand and the fist of the other, giving his cock a smooth firm pressure from both sides. Finally he turns to the classic and beats faster. One hand beating his cock works best of all, because he sprays out a big hot load on his thighs and the bedsheet. It's so good we see it a second time, in slow motion. Pearly drops of semen hang from his mushroom head and then flung away by the fast-stroking left hand. Who knows what great new stroking technique he will spring on us next time? We'll be happy to watch!