Chatty Buds Beat Off

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William Steel and Groovy Dave lie back on the bed in their underwear, joking and chatting with the camera guy. Posing for pics, Dave needs to tuck his low hangers back into the crotch of his Andrew Christians. They drop trou and wag their weenies for the camera, never stopping their stream of consciousness blathering. Finally settling in to get jerking, they check out the sex toys available and Groovy Dave offers to "fuck the shit" out of a fleshlight if it's cleaned up.

William lies back on the bed to stroke his cock while Groovy Dave kneels to pull the foreskin over his long thick uncut cock. They end up lying next to each other, beating their meat in unison, and for one blessed moment the chat goes quiet. William leaps up to a kneel and sprays his load across the black bedspread. Glancing at an offscreen porn, Dave speeds up and gets close. His big nuts bob up in time with every rough stroke. Fist clenched around his prick and thumb pointed up, he too rises to a kneel to spurt a big dotted streak of cumstains a foot in front of him on the well-worn bedspread.