Broadway Tough Stud Drains his Nuts

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Like em rough and rugged? We've got just the man's man for you, and he loves balls more than most! Sheldon Broadway has the look of a tough guy. (Though when he wags his weenie and big lowhangers for the camera, we suspect he's not ALL rough and tough.)

Sheldon loves outdoor sex and confesses to having very INTENSE orgasms. His blinding smile is hot, winsome and disarming -- a tough guy you could grow to love. Coming inside (sorry Sheldon, it's a little nippy for sex outside today) he pulls his substantial cock out of his briefs and fires off a couple of muscle poses for the camera. That gets him hard and horny right off the bat.

As he settles into the sheet and pillows, he strokes a little with one hand. There's definitely room for another fist on that big cock, though. He slicks his palm with some lube and slaps his cock around with his free hand. He keeps the other hand pressed around his low hangers, starts to pump with his hips. He's getting into this and is no shrinking violet when the cameras are on. When he takes to his knees we get a good luck at his nicely hairy thighs and ass crack.

Sheldon lies back with his legs and crotch elevated, still beating steadily. His cock head is shiny and rosy, and his balls pull up tight. As he gets close his whole body starts to quake, and he moans out loud and savage. He gives a few more wild spasming strokes and the cum starts pumping out. He lets loose with a guttural, animal cry as his nuts spurt out their load, and has to take a minute to calm down again and catch his breath. That was intense, you weren't kidding! And HOT!