Introducing Ryan Reid

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Bearded, tatted and hairy, sexy Ryan Reid could be too imposing to be everybody's turnon. But his winning smile and straight-into-the-camera flirty glances are more charming and disarming. After a quick soak in the jacuzzi, he dries off the old-fashioned way on the bed, shaking and wagging his jewels like a wet puppy.

Ryan lies down and cradles his nuts, twiddles his nips then gets down to the fun part of jerking off. An occasional tug at his nutsack and a finger rubbing at his pucker keeps everything up and ready for action. So ready that he can't help sliding a finger up into his hot little ass crack, smooth and shaved unlike the rest of his natural hairy body.

That could be to keep the path open and unimpeded for driving in a buzzing toy (like that purple vibe that fits so well into his hungry hole). When it hits his magic button Ryan can't help gasping with pleasure, rolling his head back in ecstasy. He turns onto his knees to plow in to a big clear flshlight, standing it against the mattress to fuck it like a buddy. His tight butt bobs and agile back arches with every pump.

Ryan loses his baseball cap and gets serious about getting off. Those few minutes in the fleshlight swelled his cock bigger and stiffer, and his body tenses as he races toward that finish line. His pelvis pumps up and his nuts shoot a wad that sprays out from his dick, a shower of creamy pearls that glisten across his hairy belly.