Jordan Pumps Hung Newbie Javier

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Jordan Beatz is a veteran star around Swinginballs, and he's happy to take on a newbie like young Javier Santini to show him how the whole man sex thing works. He starts with a simple and hot lesson in sucking dick. Jordan takes Javier in his mouth and sucks it down into his throat, then Javier copies his technique (pretty well!). Jordan's helping hand around the back of his neck gives Javier the extra push he needs to get onto the cock till it slides down the back of his throat. They climb out of the steaming jacuzzi and take their places on the velvet- and fur-covered bed.

Javi is getting a chubby just sliding his dick along Jordan's belly and pubes, and then bends down to kiss Jordan. Holding the rock-hard prick with one hand, Javier slurps on the head as he strokes it. Jordan wraps his legs around Javier's back as their dicks rub together. Jordan is ready to take Javier's cock up his hole to start, rolling on a condom and sitting on the thick lubed up pole. But Jordan's tight and Javier is not quite stiff and up to fucking, so they switch roles. Are you ready Javier?

Jordan, old pro that he is, deftly rolls a condom on his prick and lets Javier work his ass down onto it. Javi winces a little, but Jordan's kisses have a way of loosening him up. Soon his ass is happily bobbing on Jordan's straight hard prong. They roll over onto Javier's back so Jordan's on top plowing in hard. Javier shifts his legs to the side and Jordan is just as talented from that angle. He pumps in from behind, and Javier is starting to love getting his hole reamed by such an experienced fucker.

Not wanting to wear out Javier's hole, Jordan speeds up to get to his orgasm. He pulls out and aims his wad at the little indentation of Javier's back just north of the round furry butt cheeks. SCOOORE! as he fills Javier's back with a puddle of hot juicy cum, then turns him over to milk a load out of him. When Jordan goes in to nuzzle and lick Javier's nuts, the horny teen feels his load bubbling up from his nuts. Spurting up a sticky splash, Javier turns to the cameraman with a smile, as if to say, "I did good, didn't I?"