Phishing for a Whopper

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Young Austin Phisher is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, literally in this case, since he has a firm round butt lined with a goodly crop of curly dark hair. And energetic too, since he comes three or four times a day. He even likes to get his nuts played with, so he's JUST our kind of model!

Austin drops his jeans and lets his balls come hanging out of his underwear. They're long, low-hangers, pretty smooth for someone with such hairy pubes and buttcrack. He rises up to his knees to jingle-jangle his sack for the adoring camera.

Alone on the couch, Austin strips off his shirt to show his muscled lean torso. When the jeans come off his legs are long and slim, like a long-distance runner. He wastes no time lubing up a long purple vibrator to put to use in his hungry hole. But first he rubs its buzzing shaft around his nipples and dickhead to get his pleasure centers switched on all over. Thinking twice about the best tool for the job, he gets a clear dildo ready and starts massaging it into his muscly butt. Then the purple vibe--which will our boy decide on? For now he's wearing a happy smile and wagging his jewels for the camera one more time.

He licks and sucks on the clear dildo, but presses the purple one into action in his hot ass. The first bump on its silky shaft is the tough one, but once it's in the rest of the insertion is easy peasy. Down on his hands and knees he reaches behind to fuck himself with it. When he rolls over onto his back he keeps it jammed in and raises his legs. Finally he can stroke his big meat and plow the toy into his starving ass at the same time. Moaning as he gets close to cumming at both ends, Austin gives his balls an appreciative cuddle. Pumping his hips up, a thick squirt rockets out of his dick and splashes down onto his rippled abs.