Zack and Marcus Double Team Austin

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Marcus Rivers brings buddy Austin Phisher by to show his stuff for Zack Randall. Zack likes what he sees of the lean, tall Austin, but first he has to demonstrate he can get Zack hard with just his mouth. Wagging his butt seductively, Austin goes down on Zack then switches to Marcus when Zack turns the camera on him. Zack gives Austin's ass an appreciative lick, and Marcus is turned on enough to sport a fuck-worthy woody.

Marcus turns his head to suck off Zack and it turns to a threeway suckathon. The bright lights filter through the soft hair that line Zack's butt crack as Austin and Marcus take turns slobbering on his knob. As Austin takes the lead in deepthroating Zack, he and Marcus stroke each others' cocks.

Austin lies on the couch as Zack and Marcus suck face above him. He gets a facefull of Marcus' nuts as he sucks away on his big hard pole. Zack gets first crack, so to speak, as Austin sits on his hard uncut meat while Marcus watches and beats off. But first to warm up that hungry hole Austin takes the purple vibrator in his booty courtesy the prodding of Marcus. Marcus tries out the opened-up hole, his first time topping on video. He likes what he feels, and opens Austin up more for Zack's major-league cock. Austin sucks Zack as he aims the camera at the penetration going on at Austin's other end.

Zack calls "Action!" and it's time for Austin's hole to get all of that big cock inside him. When he gets on hands and knees, Zack drills into his tight little hairy ass. Austin moans and rolls his eyes back at the plowing he's getting. He bites his lip in pain and pleasure, then leans forward to take Marcus' load across his face. Zack is aching to blow a load of his own, and aims the camera down at Austin's cum-dripping face while he spurts a second thick splatter to add to the creamy mess. Both tops slide their dicks across the sticky curves of Austin's cummy face.