Zack is Balls Deep in Austin

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Zack Randall is home chillin' in his room when Austin Phisher knocks on his door. Austin is excited to get Zack all to himself, and he even brought his favorite vibrating toys to help open his tight hole! As he strips down, Zack gets the toy paired with his phone; he knows just how to make Austin's ass feel really good. Zack is ready to get his cock sucked as he's playing with Austin's ass, taking his time inserting the toy without causing pain. Austin has his balls exposed and moving all around as we hear his sexy moans with each thrust Zack makes. It's not long at all that Austin takes the controls over as Zack starts sucking on Austin's cock and balls.

Zack gets Austin on his knees so he can get a better view of his balls and hairy hole. He likes slapping that sexy ass and how it fits in the palm of his hand. After a good spanking, Zack starts moving the vibrator in and out of Austin's tight hole, making him squirm all over with excitement! Zack then showed the horny Austin a bigger butt plug and it wasn't long before it took both of the guys to remove to pink toy between the lube on their hands and that tight hole, that sucker was stuck! Austin soon learned that vibrations make it easier to insert and remove toys in tight areas, and of course some ball sucking helps too!

After getting the black butt plug in and getting used to its feeling, Austin in now ready for Zack's cock and balls in his face. Zack was now ready to put his soft floppy balls in Austin's face as he flipped positions so that he was now on top with control, so soon they both had cock and balls in each others face sucking and licking. He makes sure his balls and man scent are all over Austin's face and nose. Both are having a fun time!

When Zack's balls and cock have been sucked and licked enough, he tears open the condom with excitement ready to open Austin's ass even more. All Austin can focus on is how good that big cock is going to feel. As quick as he can, he gets up on all fours with ass arched, ready to get the huge cock and flopping balls of Zack Randall up in his tight hole. With a little help, Zack's cock gets in, and man does Austin let out a groan of pleasure! Zack works that hole and makes Austin's eyes roll back in his head out in ecstasy! A seasoned professional, Zack makes sure that he chooses a couple of different positions that make Austin feel every inch of his big cock. We hear lots of Austin moaning with each thrust of a powerful fuck. Finally we get to see those nice hairy balls getting fucked hard as Zack's nuts are slapping on his ass and legs.

Soon the passion heats up and a hot make out session begins. Now both of the guys are hot and sweaty but we can tell that Zack is getting ready to blow his load soon, but before he does he makes Austin get up on top and ride his cock sum more making sure the balls are touching. Zack runs his hands up and down every inch of Austin's body and he can't keep from leaving a couple more red marks on his hot ass. Austin made sure to keep his balls grinding on Zack's as they fucked since they both enjoyed it a lot!

Then Zack flips Austin onto his back with feet up, ready to fuck until he explodes his warm ball juice. Zack keeps fucking Austin, thoroughly enjoying every thrust hitting all the right spots. Before long, Zack fucks the cum out of Austin, his thick creamy load making its way all over his sexy tummy. Zack quickly pulls off his condom and in seconds blasts his big load all over Austin's tummy, cock and balls, leaving a hot sticky mess! Austin quickly rubs their cumload all over his balls and body. As the camera pans over both cocks with balls together (Austin's covered all over in cum emptied by a great fuck partner), they kiss and head for the shower.



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I love their enthusiasm! It's refreshing to see these guys having fun!!